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Generating regular social media content

The growing consensus of social media as a powerful marketing tool has led to an increasing business presence on Facebook, Twitter and the numerous other online channels. Some companies rely almost solely on social media marketing. Many others are stepping up their online activities or watching with a keen interest. Very few, however, have not considered the online medium at all. So what might be some of the most fundamental aspects to consider?

1. What are you trying to achieve? If it’s a corporate blog, it is likely to highlight a particular aspect of your business each time. For a medical establishment, this might be by giving information on specific medical conditions, for a legal firm advise on particular aspects of the law, or for a travel firm information on certain destinations you offer.

2. What audience are you trying to reach? The main aim is to draw traffic to your site, equating more business in the longer-term. A legal firm, for example, might want to focus its content towards its own specialist areas – corporate law, litigation or any other specific aspects of the business it wants to develop. The main thing is to provide information – not use your online content as a sales pitch.

3. How frequently do you want to generate content – every week, fortnight, month…? Whatever you decide, you need to stick to it with absolute regularity. It’s easy to start off with all good intentions, then push your regular blog aside as day-to-day business issues take over. The main thing is to be realistic and choose a frequency you think you can stick to.

4. How can you ensure content is delivered regularly without eating into everyday time constraints? One way is to deploy the services of a copywriter, who if doing his/her job right will also deliver consistent, high quality content reflecting your brand identity. Another strategy is to draw up a list of topics (a hospital, for example has an almost inexhaustible range of conditions it could focus on from blog-to-blog) and perhaps even write on a handful of topics in advance which you can then ‘feed’ into your blog post.

5. How can you keep on generating ideas over a sustained period? Every day in your business you come across different situations that you can talk about from your own experience. Note them down as they come to mind – even if it’s just a heading or bullet point. You can expand on it later – but it’s great for generating ideas.

Finally, once in the blogosphere you’re at the point of no return. Check your social media channels regularly. The power of social media can work with you or against you and when the ball starts rolling and customers start engaging be ready to respond. As one well-known study suggests, the biggest single reason why businesses lose customers (68%) is the indifference of just one employee. What might an indifferent social media strategy do?

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