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Time managing social media

As many will profess, the problem with social media is time – either the time you may waste while achieving little, or a lack of it. Some businesses may have every intention to allocate the time to market themselves on Facebook, or improve their SEO through a regular blog. Yet day-to-day operations can push all honourable intentions aside – and how daunting a prospect can the minefield of social media channels be – all with their alleged benefits to the business?

Take it step by step

Investigate the best channel to reach your customers – blog, Facebook, Twitter or other – then stick to it. Spend the time to make it effective, rather than spreading yourself too thin and doing a poor job across too many mediums. You can always introduce more social media channels as time goes on.

Be consistent

Decide how frequently you’d like to send out your blog or posting, then the amount of time you’ll allocate to maintain it – one or two hours a week for example. But then stick to it. As mentioned, don’t overstretch yourself, or your social media consistency will be short-lived. In terms of generating ideas, every day in your business you come across different situations that you can talk about from your own experience. Consciously note them down as they come to mind. You’ll soon have a list of future topics to discuss.

Add your personality

Let your own character – or that of your brand – shine out in your tone of voice. Social media is about connecting, which means being conversational and drawing in your audience. At the same time, you’re not writing a thesis, so don’t be too precious about crafting the most perfect blog from the outset. Reading other blogs will soon help you develop and improve your own style.

Get it out there

Strategically following other people’s or company’s blogs, based on who you want to attract, will draw people to your own blog post – and use images and tags.

For selecting tags to improve you SEO, punch in Google Keyword Tool – free and easy to use.

On the subject of images, don’t think that if you find one on Google it’s free for you to use – more often than not it’s under copyright. There are however, plenty of stock image banks on the web that one can join for a small fee – or even buy per image. Some, to name just a few, are Shutterstock, Fotolia and Depositphotos. Prices vary between companies – as do the quality of images. But for a small business, you should be able to find an image source you can use that doesn’t break the bank.

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