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Stop keyword cramming – the new rules of SEO

Once upon a time there were keywords – selecting certain words to depict your service offering and using them within the written content of your website. These would be picked up by Google and in theory send your company shooting to the first page of search listings when people punched in certain popular word searches.

It did become an effective tool to improving search engine optimisation, or SEO. Companies marketed themselves as specialists and promised to make their clients instantly searchable by using the right keywords.

Then it all went too far. Companies started ‘keyword cramming’, developing web content that seemed nothing more than a series of key words strung together. In fact, keyword crammers created the opposite effect to optimising their visibility. Google was left unimpressed by the quality of the content and their search rankings went down.

More recently, Google has changed the ‘algorithm’. It’s not the first time, and no-doubt not the last. Use keywords subtly by all means, but the new algorithm, named Hummingbird, looks at a web page of as a whole, rewarding new and interesting content by optimising it in the page rankings.

So avoid keyword cramming. Write and post good, compelling content and update your site once a week. This doesn’t necessarily mean updating the site itself. Add a new blog, channelled through your website, for example. In this way, some believe, you’ll optimise your site well enough.

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