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Enjoy other people’s happiness – it’s truly good for the soul

I was telephone interviewing some of the recent winners of a luxury car raffle and dollar millionaire draw staged by a Middle East duty free operation (no prizes for guessing which one). I confess my first thoughts before picking up the phone were of envy.

Pointless thinking really, as I never buy a ticket. Actually, I did discover that some of these people have a dogged belief and buy a ticket every time they pass through. Perhaps I’ll change my ways and give it a go.

While I was interviewing the winners, who were extremely forthcoming, a strange thing happened. Their obvious happiness became infectious and I began to absorb it in no small measure. I came off the phone positively elated, energised and had the most productive day ever.

Many people strive and strive. Some receive a measure of the good fortune they deserve. Others receive none. In a raffle of this kind, what we’re talking about is the luck of the draw, plain and simple. But there are many ways we can feed off the energy of inspiring stories in order to revive our own batteries and remind ourselves that anything can happen.

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This entry was posted on January 27, 2014 by in life.
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