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A freelancer’s guide to earning a living

I recently interviewed a high-flying marketing VP who had for a short period in the past tried her hand at freelancing. “I couldn’t even hack it for a year,” she … Continue reading

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Enjoy other people’s happiness – it’s truly good for the soul

I was telephone interviewing some of the recent winners of a luxury car raffle and dollar millionaire draw staged by a Middle East duty free operation (no prizes for guessing … Continue reading

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Stop keyword cramming – the new rules of SEO

Once upon a time there were keywords – selecting certain words to depict your service offering and using them within the written content of your website. These would be picked … Continue reading

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The key to creating great content – edit, edit, edit

What impression might it leave if you’re looking at a company’s website only to come across typos and grammatical mistakes, even if it’s just one or two? Perhaps you might … Continue reading

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Keep moving – strategies for being less sedentary

As a writer I know the perils of a sedentary work life. It’s easy to get so deeply involved in a project that you sit literally for hours. If you … Continue reading

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Don’t let a careless CV lose you a job

In the past I’ve been called upon write or edit CVs. Previously as an HR manager I’ve seen my fair share – many full of typos and carelessly presented. You … Continue reading

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It’s about informing, not selling – Business blogging

I went onto WordPress recently to look for some interesting business blogs that had been originated from the UAE. There were a few, but mostly I found companies on a … Continue reading

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Writing press releases that editors will publish and people will read

Looking beyond all the digital noise, the traditional press release is still alive and kicking – a short piece of newsworthy information about a product launch or new company development … Continue reading

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Costing copywriting projects – the peril of word counts

There’s a cloud that hangs over any self-employed copywriter. It’s called the ‘word count’. Traditionally it has served, and still serves, a practical purpose for publishing editors to define the … Continue reading

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The good, bad and ugly – web content writing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has to be the buzz phrase of the day – digital channels and content that raise your search engine rankings and your online presence. How about … Continue reading

May 30, 2013 · Leave a comment