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A freelancer’s guide to earning a living

I recently interviewed a high-flying marketing VP who had for a short period in the past tried her hand at freelancing. “I couldn’t even hack it for a year,” she … Continue reading

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Fair exchange – back to the basics of bartering

A few years ago, CBC news in Canada reported the story of a Montreal man who bartered his way via the Internet from a paperclip to a house in just … Continue reading

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The upside to cold calling

I was recently involved in a breakfast networking initiative. Part of the process was a 10-minute slot from the designated training member of the group – each session looking at … Continue reading

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Escaping the ‘what’s in it for me’ syndrome

When writing editorial copy, getting industry sources to contribute their viewpoints can have its trials and tribulations. Some can be relied upon to send through their comments on time. Others … Continue reading

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